Got an effective productivity flow using Sway & Waybar? Want to disrupt it and distract yourself with pointless short-term Cryptocurrency price changes?...

Of course you do!

Waybar-crypto is a concise and configurable Waybar module written in Python. It utilises CoinMarketCap's Pro API to acquire accurate and up-to-date Cryptocurrency price information.

waybar-crypto Example

Any coin/currency pair listed on CoinMarketCap is supported, so you can congest your Waybar with as much information as possible for maximum HODL paranoia!


Simply sign up for a (free) CoinMarketCap Pro API key and follow the installation instructions for the module on Github.

On a more serious note, I hope this simple little module is useful to some of you out there in the Cryptosphere.
If you didn't catch the sarcasm already, i'm not a fan of obsessing over short term Crypto price fluctuations. Don't install this. Go meditate or do something productive with the time you would be spending staring at your Waybar, sweating profusely over magic Internet money.

Bitcoin - Magic Internet Money

Credits go to ThoughtWeaver over at DeviantArt for my awesome wallpaper -